24 Februar, 2016

"We tend to look to other people and see what they’re accomplishing, and it seems like they’re accomplishing a lot, like they’re doing a lot more than us. They have things put together a lot better than us. They don’t struggle like we do. We have multiple goals and aspirations, and we tend to follow or look up to numerous people in the different areas of our life that we aspire to. We pick and choose the best pieces of whatever front-facing content people are putting out, and we piece together all of these pieces of perfection from different people to make this conglomerate. We build this perfect, ideal person that has everything together that we compare ourselves to. We are thinking about how these people seem perfectly fit, have a great business, are a great writer, and do put out their comic every week. We feel like they have their lives perfectly together, but you’re only seeing one aspect of it. In order for that aspect to be the way it is, they’re saying no to everything else that is not that thing. You’re not seeing the fitness of the comic artist. You’re not seeing the writing skills of the person growing their business, who isn’t writing. You don’t see all of those things.We tend to look at people who are successful in different areas, piece together this perfect person, and we compare ourselves to them."
- Sean McCabe

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